Selecting the Best Contraceptive For You After Childbirth

It takes every women a different amount of time to feel ready to get back in the saddle, as it were, after giving birth, in order to return into the activity that got it all started. With all the worries that are naturally raised, like discomfort or even pain, and different sensations for him and her, there is no place for extra worries about contraception. Because there is some confusion about how... read more

Permanent Contraceptive Methods After Childbirth

Permanent contraception, or sterilization, can be performed on men as well as women. For men, vasectomy is a safe and well-practiced procedure, and of course can be done at any time. It is reversible. For women there are veteran surgical methods of sterilization and a new method called Essure which is safer and easier. All methods are irreversible, and research shows that making the choice of such a... read more

Natural Family Planning After Childbirth

Natural family planning is a terrific way of controlling fertility with minimal side effects of the various hormones and devices, and although it does not have always have the same safety record, it does offer the luxury of being available at all times – immediately after birth and with any type of feeding. An important difference between this method and the other is that it really demands learning the... read more

Diaphragm or Cervical Cap for Contraception After Childbirth

The diaphragm or cervical cap can be used from 6 weeks after birth. However they need to be fitted by a physician to be effective. It is vital that a woman who used on of these types of barriers before her pregnancy and birth gets remeasured. Birth will alter the size and even the shape of the cervix and an old diaphragm may not offer proper protection. In the weeks or months that follow the original... read more

Inter-Uterine Device (IUD) for Contraception After Childbirth

An IUD (Inter-Uterine Device) or IUS (Inter-Uterine System) can be fitted anytime from four weeks after a vaginal or Caesarean birth. Both methods – IUD (without hormones) or IUS (with hormones) – can be fitted within 48 hours of the birth if fitted by an experienced doctor or nurse. This method is considered completely reversible, but it needs to be removed by a physician. It is long acting,... read more

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