Sex Butter Review

While butter may sound more sensual, Sex Butter is actually an oil-based lubricant. The texture is similar to butter – when kept at medium to low temperatures it is more solid, making it easy to apply small amounts. Within seconds of receiving heat from the body, even just on the fingers, it spreads into a smooth oil and provides all the wetness necessary for her or him. Its long list of essential oils... read more

Lubricants: the Essentials

Mother nature was the one who gave us the taste for a little extra wetness. She provided female juices just when we need them, and saliva as an available top-up solution. But not everyone has enough to go around, and some forms of sex just need a little extra help. So we invented a few artificial options, to make sex more manageable and much more enjoyable. Who Needs Lube? All forms of penetration are... read more

Babeland Organic Naked Massage Oil Review

This product is a great unscented and preservative-free almond oil for those who want to pamper their partners with a relaxing massage. Oil glides and warms the skin and can make even a massage novice seem like their hands can travel like a Thai masseuse. Being organic and gluten-free, this oil is suitable for someone with sensitive skin. The medium thickness of this oil makes it effective as a... read more