Natural Family Planning After Childbirth

Natural family planning is a terrific way of controlling fertility with minimal side effects of the various hormones and devices, and although it does not have always have the same safety record, it does offer the luxury of being available at all times – immediately after birth and with any type of feeding. An important difference between this method and the other is that it really demands learning the... read more

Rhythm Method or Calendar Method

The Rhythm Method is based on a mathematical calculation which takes into account a woman’s past menstrual cycle lengths, in order to predict a woman’s present and future cycle lengths. This indicates her fertile and infertile days. This method of contraception cannot be considered reliable because an error of one day can lead to an unplanned pregnancy. The fact that most women’s cycles are... read more

Controlling Fertility Naturally Without Hormones

There are all kinds of natural methods of contraception, but it is crucial to differentiate between those natural ways that are ineffective and natural ways that have been scientifically validated. The reasons that women cannot rely on the simplistic natural methods (which include the Rhythm Method and Withdrawal) is that most women do not have a clock-like cycle; menstrual cycles are disrupted by stress,... read more

The Scientific Principles of Fertility Awareness

A woman’s menstrual cycle is hormonally controlled by estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen dominates the first part of the cycle in preparing for ovulation, and progesterone the latter part of cycle in preparing for pregnancy. A ripe egg lives a finite period, between 10-24 hours. If a second egg is released in one cycle (i.e. fraternal twins), it will be released within 24 hours of the first egg.... read more