Diagnosing and Treating Syphilis

Historically, syphilis was not medically diagnosed but rather deduced according to the circumstantial evidence, which included information or supposition of illicit sexual experiences. This is a very poor system, when it comes to a disease often referred to as “the Great Imitator”. Today, it is diagnosed using blood tests. A simple cheap test is performed, and if it turns out positive, it is confirmed by... read more

The Search for the Elusive Pink Viagra

Smelling an unprecedented aroma of profit, pharmaceutical companies the world over have been trying (and giving up) for years to bottle the secret of female sexual dysfunction, a.k.a. the pill that will do for the ladies what Viagra does for the men. Even before Viagra hit the shelves and overwhelmed the internet, when this revolutionary male erectile drug was in development and showing great promise, the... read more

Warnings About Buying Sexual Medications Online

It is not too difficult to come across advertisements about great new dietary supplements that will improve sexual performance, cure erection problems, grow a man’s penis or a woman’s breasts and turn a frigid woman into a playboy bunny. In fact, most people have the notices delivered directly into their inbox. If you ever bothered reading them (which you needn’t), you would note that these... read more

Big Bikes for Small Men

Grown women tend to understand that men with big, bad motorcycles are usually attempts to compensate for something. You know, the power-between-the-legs thing. I don’t think that it is because the bike riders simply think that it is attractive – the expensive toy, the bad-boy look or the Jack Kerouac freedom thing. I think the big pull factor is the sexual image of being able to ride her where... read more

Medication for the Baby Boomer Generation

Post-menopausal libido changes and sexual discomfort are now commonly treated with hormone replacement, hormonal creams or lubricants. Age-related erectile dysfunction has Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and hundreds of cribs. Knife-happy surgeons are marketing penile enhancements and vaginal restorations. Wherever we go, we are being told that we can and should be performing better at midlife. These are... read more

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