Sexy Sniffing: the Final Frontier?

The latest development in women’s sex technology is almost too easy to make fun of. But I’ll take on the challenge-less exercise and I’ll snigger. Because behind every nasal joke is a whole lot of ugly, but sometimes serious, matter. Tefina is the name. Not quite as memorable as Levitra or Viagra or Cialis, but that doesn’t really matter because a year from now, maybe two, it will be buried like its... read more

Why Would You Need a Designer Vagina?

We all know that feeling of being down on ourselves. Those blue-blue days when you know that a little external help is what it will take to make you feel like yourself again. So what is on the remedy list: Chocolate-fudge ice-cream? Shoes you really can’t afford? Labiaplasty? I’m not sure when the world went mad and our bodies became something of a Lego set, that we compile according to... read more