Aww, May’s Over

Gentlemen and no less, ladies, It is almost the end of May, popularly known (in some circles) as Masturbation Month. Hey, I’m not making this up, look here. So don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate such a sweet cause. Not that you can’t have sex for one come Saturday 1st, sometimes it’s just nice to do it and be in good company. Whether its your hand, a borrowed hand, a vibrator... read more

19 Forever (God help the post-pubescents)

Who still remembers the Joe Jackson song “Nineteen Forever”, which speaks of 19 as the ideal age, mature enough to take on the world but before it all gets complicated? I recall listening to it incessantly at that particular age, knowing I’d be looking back one day and sighing. I was somewhat grown up when I was 19, not like Justin Bieber who, as far as I’m concerned, will be 15 forever. But... read more

Icons of Sexual History – John Harvey Kellogg (1852-1943)

John Harvey Kellogg, the man who invented cornflakes, was actually a medical doctor. He ran the very popular Battle Creek Sanitarium, a sort of a health and diet resort. although much of his practice was based on his religious principals. He was a member of the Seven Day Adventists, a denomination which professes vegetarianism, exercise and abstinence from tobacco and alcohol. After one of his books, The... read more

The 10 Classic Myths about Masturbation

It’s probably because we humans can’t escape guilt and moral torture. We have taken the pleasure of masturbation, which by the way is not only rewarding; it is also stress-relieving, instructional and pretty much the safest form of sex around. But we have warped it with misfounded beliefs and accusations. Sex-for-one is just that, or as Woody Allen put it, “sex with someone I... read more

Silky Tenga Egg Review

Running silk over his most sensitive region is a fine way of working up a wild appetite, but it doesn’t necessarily allow the stronger sensations necessary to get the job done effectively. The silky egg, I would say, is best for guys who like a sensual, gentler rub. Silky Tenga is one of the family of super discreet male masturbators that are shaped as eggs. Appearing just like a chocolate Easter... read more