Paddling Through the Years Like Picasso

If you thought that it is only women who have the biological clock and men can gleefully take their time before starting a family, then science has just scored one for greater equality. Sorry all you wannabe Pablo Picasso’s out there; I think that’s your biological clock ticking and it gives you quite a headache, doesn’t it? Picasso fathered two of his children in his late 60′s but... read more

When Speedy Feels Seedy: Premature Ejaculation

Orgasming too quickly may be something that some women could only dream of “suffering” from, but for a significant proportion of men, it’s a real problem. Premature Ejaculation” is a sexual dysfunction, but the criteria that qualify a man for this condition are quite fluid. Some people measure it in time, or even in strokes; others judge by the level of control. The official... read more

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