Lubricants: the Essentials

Mother nature was the one who gave us the taste for a little extra wetness. She provided female juices just when we need them, and saliva as an available top-up solution. But not everyone has enough to go around, and some forms of sex just need a little extra help. So we invented a few artificial options, to make sex more manageable and much more enjoyable. Who Needs Lube? All forms of penetration are... read more

Yes Water-Based Intimate Lubricant Review

In a word – YES. If you care for the earth as much as you care for your body and your pleasure, this bottle of lube wins the hat trick. Organic, water-based Yes Intimate Lubricant is smooth and wet as the real thing, with some benefits that will make Mother Nature grow greener with envy. Water-based lubricants tend to come in either jelly or fluid form. Whereas jelly gets thick and mucky, fluid lubes tend... read more

Climax Bursts Tingling Lubricant Review

This clear bottle shows off its intriguing contents with the floating pink beads and tiny bubbles, that won’t let any passers by guess what this really is. The pop-top means that it is easily accessible and is just as easy to snap closed, so you won’t find wet spots in the bed from where the lube bottle leaked. The bottle also stands easily so that it can readily be landed without taking any... read more

Vanilla Foaming Intimacy Lubricant Review

Sometimes when people use the word “vanilla” in relation to sex, they mean standard, not daring or conventional. This vanilla, though, is sweet as ice-cream and no less sexy. The Vanilla Foaming Intimacy lube is soft as whipped cream and warm as room temperature, with the smell of vanilla that makes you want to bring your nose and mouth to wherever the froth is being spread. The taste is sweet enough to... read more

Cinnamon Foaming Intimacy Lubricant Review

Think about whipped cream, but add a whiff of cinnamon and take away the calories. And walla! You have your lubricant all dressed up as one of the sexiest foodstuffs. The cinnamon flavour is mostly in the scent, which is exotic and strong. but there is also a light taste of cinnamon. The central taste, though, is sweetness which makes you want to lick it all up at first. Afterwards there is the aftertaste... read more

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