Penthouse Lust Lash Review

If you see this pretty, red toy and think it looks like a fun accessory for a bit of spice, don’t be mistaken. It may add spice, but we’re not talking about a bit of ginger, this is hot chilly! This sultry red rubber whip is made of a hundred or so strands of rubber, each one feels nice and smooth to the touch, but when they come at you from a distance, they leave quite an impression. Rubber is the thing... read more

50 Ways to Make a Buck

Sex sells. No news there. And yet, there is always someone able to make more money off selling a new angle of sex. As if we haven’t seen it all already. The latest fad is 50 Shades of EVERYTHING. From kinky toys to baby clothes. Seriously, does the term “out of context” mean anything to marketing scavengers? Let’s keep in mind that the success of the book comes from getting spanky and naughty... read more

Thrashing Out the Thrill of Kinky Sex

Its names are as varied and as imposing as the range of activities that fall under this style of sexual pleasure. The vague term “kinky sex”, once better known as S&M (Sado-Masochism), has now been given the revamped and inclusive title BDSM, which stands for Bondage, Dominance-Submission, Sadism and Masochism. That’s quite a mouthful and it doesn’t even include the mouthpiece. BDSM, perhaps as much... read more

Rules for Safe BDSM Play

Here are 10 rules to live and play by, for learners through to experienced players 1. Risk is unavoidable, however basic the bondage. Anticipate obvious hazards. The unforeseen happens all the time in bondage scenes, from beds breaking to neighbours calling, kids interrupting, etc.  2. Always fit bondage snugly, not tightly, until you have more experience with it. Make sure you can easily slip a finger... read more