Key Charms Massager Review

Not much larger than an index finger, it is not the most petite but it is certainly a great size for a small vibe. The Key Charms vibrator is long enough to manipulate with ease but small enough to slip discreetly into most pockets. It is shaped like a bullet, but the unique lace design on the surface makes it anything but plain. This little clitoral toy has 5 vibrating patterns, all significantly... read more

Key Vela Massager Review

When you know that it is a full-sized vibrator that you want and you know that you like power. You’re ready for something more stylish and you’re willing to pay more than on your virgin runs. But you are still on a budget. This may just be the key to your search. The Key series by Jopen, makers of exclusive vibrators, is a fine range of toys that deliver class and good functionality, without... read more

Jopen Vanity Vr10.5 Vibrator Review

If 10 is a perfect score, no wonder this is a 10.5! This is one sleek package with a remarkable number of features and capacities. The Vr10.5 is a superstar, from a top-class family. It boasts the custom fuchsia boldness of the Jopen Vanity range, with the unique design that each individual member of the series brings. The prettiest feature of all is the lily-shaped base that stands the vibrator, protects... read more

Jopen Vanity Vr7 Vibrator Review

What appears to be an aerodynamic version of the old rabbit, will convince you that progress is a great, great thing. Just take a look and you’ll know how much thought has gone into making a cumbersome double-action machine into a seamless beauty. Like the rest of the sleek and edgy Vanity range, the Vr7 comes in one colour only, but is is proud and exciting – not for the shy though! The signature... read more