Being a Woman in 2014: Revolution Needed

The woman’s movement seems to have made strides, until we look beyond the top layers. Take a look at the Concern Worldwide’s Woman’s Day campaign: Women Do 66% of the world’s work Earn 10% of the income Own 1% of the property And I would like to add: Have way less than 50% of the orgasms…. Just so that we have another worthy equality... read more

A Word for the Women on Our Day

To the truly empowered woman, there  365 woman’s days a year. But for the vast majority of us, reality blows stronger than our empowerment can withstand, so we take one day a year to recognise our strengths and look ahead at what we’d like to achieve for ourselves, our sisters and our daughters . To us, the real women, I offer a  word of encouragement. Just to remind us who the really... read more

Bring on Women’s Day

How could Women’s Day not be my favourite day of the year. It celebrates me without aging me, having me cook something special or purchase something for the purpose. International Women’s Day is a two-pronged wand. It spreads its stardust both on those great women who have broken through their glass ceilings as well as offering encouragement to women and girls who want to go places, to go for... read more