Practice Makes Perfect (Sex)

Some couples do more rehearsals on the wedding ceremony than on the consummation of the wedding. It may make their parents proud, their religious authorities boast. But no-one but the virgin brides and (perhaps) grooms get to lie in the bed that they made. And sometimes that bed is less sexy than it might have been with a bit more preparation. Bravo, Dr Raj Brahmbhatt. It can’t be easy to say that... read more

Sad, Sore and Strong

The Indian gang-rape story has to be the ugliest start to a fresh new year, but the sisterhood (and pro-sister brotherhood) that has arisen across the sub-continent and around the globe, tells us that we still have the power to change things, and we must never forget it. Rape isn’t new. It’s an act of violence in the sexual sphere but it is not sex. It exists wherever there is a power... read more