Spread Condoms for World AIDS Day

Are you not quite moved on World AIDS Day by the fact that more than 30 years after it changed sex for ever, AIDS is still killing and HIV is infecting by the millions each year? You, like most people who have had time to grow indifferent have lost touch with the desperate state of HIV/AIDS and we cannot afford for that to happen. And yet you care; you wish there was some way you could do something,... read more

Will Erotica Save the World?

If you still hold onto the stereotype that the Japanese are uptight, keep reading. “Erotica will Save the World” seems to me like the coolest idea in fundraising since good causes dragged their needy asses along. And speaking about needs, there will always be lame folks with the will to buy their erotic thrills, so why not put their lust into funding for breast cancer research or campaigns for safer sex?... read more

Update on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic 2010

When is good news actually just bad news that’s slowly getting less bad? This is case with the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. All the latest statistics show that the rate of infection is slowing down, not just this past year but for the last few years.  Since its peak around the turn of the century, annual HIV infection numbers are down by 19%. But even so, there were an estimated 2.6 million people... read more