Sex In Your 80′s

Many people feel more comfortable thinking that folks stop being sexual when they get old. As we grow older, the age of “old” miraculously moves up, but few will argue that the 80′s is not old. Well, maybe Hugh Hefner will, but let us not base anything on that a man who collects and flaunts girlfriends younger than his grandchildren. Eighty is something of an enigmatic age, because each and every... read more

The 10 Classic Myths about Masturbation

It’s probably because we humans can’t escape guilt and moral torture. We have taken the pleasure of masturbation, which by the way is not only rewarding; it is also stress-relieving, instructional and pretty much the safest form of sex around. But we have warped it with misfounded beliefs and accusations. Sex-for-one is just that, or as Woody Allen put it, “sex with someone I... read more