Nobel or No Belle?

All of the 2012 Nobels have been named, except for the Economics Prize. So on the eve of the announcement of the final prize, I thought I could get a word in, just for the sake of female representation. This year the laureates look pretty much the same as the years gone by. Let’s see: we have 5 white males, 2 Asian males and a European organization. And the women? Of the 69 Economics laureates since... read more

TIME to be Shameless

So much has already been said about this week’s Time Magazine cover story. Or is it just the cover? This, despite the fact that it does, in so many ways, leave you speechless. Guilt is part of what gets us women blabbering. It’s that special legacy from the women’s movement, which left us feeling guilty if we weren’t active workforce members and guilty if we weren’t being... read more

Bring on Women’s Day

How could Women’s Day not be my favourite day of the year. It celebrates me without aging me, having me cook something special or purchase something for the purpose. International Women’s Day is a two-pronged wand. It spreads its stardust both on those great women who have broken through their glass ceilings as well as offering encouragement to women and girls who want to go places, to go for... read more

Put on those Driving Burqas and Hit the Town

The revolution has come to Saudi Arabia. Perhaps not the kind of revolution that is sweeping across the Mid East, but a battle for something sexier than new leadership and electoral rights. This is about cars!  Women are speaking up from behind the veils, they’re acting for the right to hitch up those burqas and show those men who the better drivers are. The protests began last week with a... read more

Men in the Struggle Against Sexual Violence

One of the great achievements of the 1970′s women’s movement was the set up of rape crisis centres that expanded across the globe in the decades that followed. It was vital for women to take control of this area of sexual violence, to design a response to female disempowerment by means of female support and re-empowerment. But perhaps the future of the international war against sexual violence... read more