Female Sexual Dysfunction in 200 Words

If it’s true that 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction, then we have a huge problem and apparently no solution. However,  if this statistic was misleadingly achieved in a single study from 1999, and is constantly rehashed so that we can pathologise our normal sexual responses, then that’s a whole other story. A recent movement called Even the Score has been espousing the notion that we... read more

Bring on Women’s Day

How could Women’s Day not be my favourite day of the year. It celebrates me without aging me, having me cook something special or purchase something for the purpose. International Women’s Day is a two-pronged wand. It spreads its stardust both on those great women who have broken through their glass ceilings as well as offering encouragement to women and girls who want to go places, to go for... read more

Men in the Struggle Against Sexual Violence

One of the great achievements of the 1970′s women’s movement was the set up of rape crisis centres that expanded across the globe in the decades that followed. It was vital for women to take control of this area of sexual violence, to design a response to female disempowerment by means of female support and re-empowerment. But perhaps the future of the international war against sexual violence... read more