60 and Still Sexy

Say the number 69 and anyone with a sexy mind will smirk. But 60, for some outdated reason, reeks of just plain old. Well, it shouldn’t and the most erotic 60 year old that I know is now proof of that. This week is 60 years since the Kinsey Report on Female Sexuality was born. She followed a difficult and ill-received pregnancy, but ever since the birth of her brother, the Kinsey Report on Male... read more

A Word for the Women on Our Day

To the truly empowered woman, there  365 woman’s days a year. But for the vast majority of us, reality blows stronger than our empowerment can withstand, so we take one day a year to recognise our strengths and look ahead at what we’d like to achieve for ourselves, our sisters and our daughters . To us, the real women, I offer a  word of encouragement. Just to remind us who the really... read more

Sexy Lessons from 80′s Music

Or, Everything You Need to Know About Pleasing a Woman was sung in 1980-81 Sometimes great advice comes in the oddest of ways. Great advice on sex comes in even stranger forms. But when the wisdom comes in the form of pop music, one should be more than a bit skeptical. Taking your love and sex advice from MTV is not to be advised, but every now and then, even that rule must be broken. Remember way back in... read more

Oh My Goddess! Which Type are You in Bed?

Six goddesses are told of in Greek Mythology. They are fighters, mothers, virgins, protectors, providers. Between them they cover many of the attributes that complement and conflict our personalities. They may belong to an ancient culture, but they have been reinvented as representatives of the most basic contemporary female ambitions and demons. How can these goddesses be of service to us? They are not... read more

What is Female Orgasmic Disorder?

Female Orgasmic Disorder. Anorgasmia. Pre-orgasmia. Depending on whom you ask about it, your answers will vary like the range of orgasms themselves. The pharmaceutical companies, notably those who are currently testing compounds promising to have every woman horny on cue, will say that Female Orgasmic Disorder is a common and harrowing reality. Feminists will say it is an invention to make women feel... read more

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