The Week Our Clits Went International

Who shouted “clitoris” and did not feel the earth move? We so-called Western women have many common sexual problems. Some of us cannot manage penetration, or genital touch for that matter; some of us don’t know that it is quite normal not to have vaginal orgasms and spend their lives frustratedly working at it; some of us have bad relationships and do not relax enough to orgasm; yet... read more

Letter to the Mom’s Who Mutilate Their Daughters

Recently the 12-year old, Budour, died after her family chose to have her clitoris surgically mutilated. This little Egyptian girl is only one of the estimated 6,000 girls who undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) every single day, but her death has triggered the slowly working cogs of progress towards eradicating this vicious cultural practice meant to control and condemn women’s sexuality. I... read more

Protecting African Women: The Maputo Protocol

The brutal tide is changing on Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting (FGM) in Africa because the pressure is beginning to come from within. A great wheel of progress in gaining speed in the form of the Maputo Protocol, an African initiative to protect the rights of women on their continent. In October 2005, the Maputo Protocol came into force, following the African Union meeting in Maputo, Mozambique in... read more