The Truth About Blue Balls

The name sounds as innocent as a kids’ game, but actually, the mention of Blue Balls is one of the most manipulative ways in which males abuse females’ naivety, when the heat gets turned on. Blue Balls refers to a high state of arousal in men, when the penis is engorged and prepared for ejaculation and orgasm, but is doesn’t happen. This could either be because one of the partners decides to stop the... read more

Big Bikes for Small Men

Grown women tend to understand that men with big, bad motorcycles are usually attempts to compensate for something. You know, the power-between-the-legs thing. I don’t think that it is because the bike riders simply think that it is attractive – the expensive toy, the bad-boy look or the Jack Kerouac freedom thing. I think the big pull factor is the sexual image of being able to ride her where... read more

I’m Not Impotent: the Reality of Erectile Dysfunction

The word impotence has gone out of mode in the sexual health jargon. It is a bombastic word that implies that something has gone wrong beyond the erection, that there is some sort of malfunction in the manhood. The term “erectile dysfunction” is a better way of describing a range of hitches and glitches that lead to difficulties with erections. Medically the difference between these terms is... read more