Emergency Contraception After Childbirth

Contraceptive slip-ups happen to everyone but the consequences can be so much more important for a post-natal woman. Emergency contraception (“the morning-after pill) is perfectly safe for use from 21 days after birth, and will have no harmful effect s on the breast milk or the newborn. Before 21 days there is no risk of pregnancy so Emergency Contraception should not be used. Emergency contraception... read more

The 72-Hour Grace Pill

The so-called “Morning-After Pill” or “Plan B” is the most misunderstood form of contraception. This brilliant addition to our safer-sex treasure chest is really important to be familiar with, because mistakes do happen, even to the most prepared people. The name “Morning-After Pill” has become this pills biggest problem. It’s a catchy name, but it leaves many potential... read more