Combined Pill for Contraception After Childbirth

The combined pill contains Estrogen and Progestin, both in minimal quantities. The combination of hormones provides the safest form of contraception. If you are breastfeeding then it is usually recommended that you wait until the baby is six months old or until you want to stop reduce breastfeeding before starting the combined pill. This is because the estrogen component tends to reduce the milk flow. If... read more

Condoms for Contraception After Childbirth

The greatest benefit of condoms is that they don’t need to be planned for in advance. They can be used at any time and they’re always ready to go. This includes male condoms as well as female condoms. Women may experience problems with natural lubrication that was not a problem before birth, and condoms can make this more severe, so make sure that there is sufficient lube on hand. Other advantages of... read more

Using Breastfeeding as Contraception

Breastfeeding is considered a safe method of contraception for use during the 6 month period after birth (98% effective), but only when it is the sole method of feeding being used. Once a woman’s period returns, whether this is before or after the half year mark, breastfeeding cannot be considered effective as a contraceptive backup. After the first half year or after other food is partially... read more

The 72-Hour Grace Pill

The so-called “Morning-After Pill” or “Plan B” is the most misunderstood form of contraception. This brilliant addition to our safer-sex treasure chest is really important to be familiar with, because mistakes do happen, even to the most prepared people. The name “Morning-After Pill” has become this pills biggest problem. It’s a catchy name, but it leaves many potential... read more

Withdrawal Method of Contraception

Withdrawal, also known as Coitus Interuptus, is sex in which the man pulls out before ejaculation. While this is a commonly-used method of contraception, it cannot be relied upon for two important reasons: Firstly, if a man experiences an orgasm (by himself or during any other sex act) during the hours before he has intercourse with his partner, there is a possibility that live sperm will be present in... read more

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