Condoms for Contraception After Childbirth

The greatest benefit of condoms is that they don’t need to be planned for in advance. They can be used at any time and they’re always ready to go. This includes male condoms as well as female condoms. Women may experience problems with natural lubrication that was not a problem before birth, and condoms can make this more severe, so make sure that there is sufficient lube on hand. Other advantages of... read more

The Art & Science of Using Condoms

We must admit that condoms can sometimes be a less than charming element of a sexual encounter. Awkward, untimely, interrupting. But put quite crudely, sex with condoms is pure romance compared to sex with herpes et al. Learning to live in peace with condoms isn’t too difficult, but it does need some time and practice. The time will be well spent and the practice is really more of a pleasure than a... read more

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