Dirty Underwear

One of the words that the world associates with safe sex is Durex. They are not necessarily that last word in condoms, but they’ve done their damndest to make their name what it is. Sexual behaviour surveys, lubricants, vibrators and now, Funderwear. Their adverts are fantastic but their surveys are scientifically dubious, the lube is sticky, the vibrators are run of the mill and the... read more

Sex Education Against Complacency

It is bitter irony that HIV/AIDS ushered in the opportunity to wake up sex education and turn it into something debated at the highest levels. It is one of the biggest losses for sex education that we seem to be losing the battle when it comes to sustaining the momentum of safe sex over time. What constitutes a sex education failure? A failure is when HIV rates are down because of HIV tests, but other... read more

Genital Herpes and Why Condoms Are not Enough

Herpes is the ammunition many of the abstinence-only advocates and sex-unfriendly preachers use when trying to explain why condoms are not the answer. They are in general very much mistaken, but when it comes to herpes*, there is something to be noted about condom use. Condoms are well studied and proven to offer a very high level of protection for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) transferred in... read more

Spread Condoms for World AIDS Day

Are you not quite moved on World AIDS Day by the fact that more than 30 years after it changed sex for ever, AIDS is still killing and HIV is infecting by the millions each year? You, like most people who have had time to grow indifferent have lost touch with the desperate state of HIV/AIDS and we cannot afford for that to happen. And yet you care; you wish there was some way you could do something,... read more

When Did Condoms Become a Girl’s Business?

They may fit straight onto a guy, but girls have even more to gain by their use than guys do. Here’s a few outstanding reasons why you should get involved in dressing your guy, where it really counts. Our Sexuality is Ours to Celebrate We have the vote. We have jobs and our own paychecks. We have the right to say no to sex, and we are slowly internalizing the fact that we can initiate it on our own terms... read more

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