Where can you get a male sex toy, a satisfied female lover and historical inspiration all at once? Hail Sir Tor, well, in this case, TOR II. While it may be yet another Scandinavian name, Tor was also one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. And classically round he is. This TOR has a stretchy yet solid ring that grips the penis and fulfils the most noble of missions: vibrations for the... read more

Rascal Cock Tie Set

There are lots of designs for cock ties (or penis rings), some too tight and some too loose. Some are mean looking with leather and studs and others are so genteel that they are hardly noticeable except as jewelry. Here is a two-piece set that can be as easy or as rascally as you want it to be. From their transparent package the red and black pair look pretty good and simple to use. Actually, when you... read more

Cockring (Penis Ring) Erectile Warning

Please read these instructions before using a cockring in order to protect yourself or partner against unforeseen problems.   If you have symptoms of erectile dysfunction (i.e. inability to achieve an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse), consult your physician prior to using a penis ring to avoid a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing any of the most common causes of this... read more