Queen of Diamonds

This week is all about the queen. No, not Freddie, not the guys in drag either. I am, of course speaking about the heart and bones of Buckingham. Forgive me for my irreverence on this mighty occasion of her 60th year on the thrown, but in more modern forms of governance, a dozen years, never mind 5 dozen, would be tantamount to corruption. Yet fair is fair, she does have blood of a different colour. So... read more

An O-So-Scarlett Blush

Just when we thought that sex toys may have made it into the mainstream, the dream faded, like Scarlett Johansson’s smile must have, when she got the memo. This week Scarlett discovered that she was the endorser of a Mexican sex toy store. For an A-list lassie, this would have either been a ballsy career move, or a train-smash. Sure, a few celebrities have come out proudly about their beloved... read more


For those of us with an appreciation for things antique, the woman that everyone is celebrating today is old enough as to have been single since 1981, and young enough to be a rap star. Congratulations, Betty White, you really are everyone’s Golden Girl. For anyone who thinks that botox faces or silicone boobs are sexy, I refer you to Betty’s hunky calendar, which is even steamier when you... read more

A Dress You Can Really See Through

The glamorous Kate Hudson showed up to the 2011 British Fashion Awards in a clingy, black Stella McCartney dress, which wouldn’t have been news, except for the fact that she gave birth four months ago. The dress was see-through. I certainly managed to see through her act, as a good an actor as she may be. I see a mother who is starving herself so that everyone can talk about her fab body. I see a... read more

Sexy, Sexier, Nice and Willing to Strip

Apparently Rihanna is the sexiest woman alive. She may be quite beautiful, but isn’t it a bit immodest to think that you can decide without having checked another few billion? I think its like the way the Americans created the World Series where Americans play ball with Americans and a Canadian or two. But back to the subject of universal standards of beauty, I think that if you ask the Chinese who... read more

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