19 Forever (God help the post-pubescents)

Who still remembers the Joe Jackson song “Nineteen Forever”, which speaks of 19 as the ideal age, mature enough to take on the world but before it all gets complicated? I recall listening to it incessantly at that particular age, knowing I’d be looking back one day and sighing. I was somewhat grown up when I was 19, not like Justin Bieber who, as far as I’m concerned, will be 15 forever. But... read more

Having Moore Sex on Holiday

Let’s face it – we all have more sex on holiday. Whether we’re there with a spouse, a boy/girlfriend or single, we get more action in a week of vacation than in a month on our home turf. I’m not working for the Tourism Board either, it’s just the way our minds work. Have hotel room, will mess the sheets. Now, if we mere mortals can get more somethin’ somethin’ when we... read more

Olympic Beauty

We cannot let the Olympics start drawing to an end without a word about bodies. Beautiful bodies, strong bodies, healthy bodies. Okay, its not all about bodies, its about spirit and desire and putting in the time. Not unlike sex. So here’s a personal thank you to the many gods and goddesses who have given us a couple of weeks of pleasure and a few too many glimpses of hot, HOT bodies in celestial... read more

Octo-Wisdom on Religion and Sex

My work is so much easier when I have satellites working for me. Most of the time, okay, pretty much all of the time, they aren’t working for me. But in going about their business they’re doing the best damn sex education that anyone could do. Take the Octomom, for example: a lesson in contraception, bar none. She recently got me thinking about religion and sex. No, she hasn’t taken to... read more

When Scientologists say “I Do” and “I Don’t”

Try as we might to ignore the subject of Katie and Tom, it just won’t go away. So in an attempt to find some unturned stone in this story, I thought I’d look into what Scientology has to say about sex. In a word, boring…. At the outset, it appears that sex is revered in this rigorous community. Sex is presented as a positive aspect of a happy marriage, with a focus on its purpose for... read more

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