Where can you get a male sex toy, a satisfied female lover and historical inspiration all at once? Hail Sir Tor, well, in this case, TOR II. While it may be yet another Scandinavian name, Tor was also one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. And classically round he is. This TOR has a stretchy yet solid ring that grips the penis and fulfils the most noble of missions: vibrations for the... read more

Sinclair Select Intimate Grip Review

Its a bird, its a plane, its a super-stroker! And its certainly not child’s play; this is material for big boys and better yet – big girls. Although the Intimate Grip masturbator is quite large in proportion, its clear colour and attractive decorative detail add a large measure of discretion. The Intimate Grip is 152 mm (6”) long and 64 mm (2.5”) thick, but the jelly-like Cyberskin is highly... read more

Climax Gems Emerald Hand Job Stroker Review

Slightly easier on the eye than its sibling, the Aquamarine Hand Job Stroker, this is still part of a collection of splashy and flashy hand masturbators for boys. But shaped as a three-tiered short hose, it is not necessarily something that an innocent bystander would know to recognise. The 5.75” (146mm) long sleeve has a wide base, a narrower middle and an even narrower top. Not only does the width of... read more

Climax Gems Aquamarine Hand Job Stroker Review

This may be soft and floppy but what goes inside is hard and will very soon to be very happy. The Aquamarine Hand Job Stroker is one of the more bombastic man’s sleeves around. Just as its colour and size are not bashful, neither is its effect. This longish sleeve is described as “hourglass”, but that isn’t the most accurate description. The very top and bottom are wide and get narrower as... read more

Climax Gems Crystal Hand Job Stroker Review

The crystal clear (colourless) version of the Hand Job Stroker series is yet another version of the blue and green stroker sleeves. There is nothing special or useful about the shape, it appears to be an attempt to make a set of two into a set of three. It is the one that will remain on the shelf, unless some folks out there have a problem with the other bold colours. Features  Penis sleeve with both ends... read more

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