Purple Leaves, Red Cherries – Book Review

By Tania Elfersy & Andrea Katzman. Sex and the new mother: the ultimate Catch 22. While it may be the one thing your body doesn’t miss in those first months (or more!), it is definitely something that troubles us with guilt, frustration and self-judgement.  But when these feelings are at their peak, so is our lack of time to do anything about it. A charming answer that any mother would love is... read more

The Cultural Context of Sexual Pleasure and Problems – Book Review

Sexuality is intrinsically linked to its cultural context and without understanding each person’s cultural environment, one can hardly know how to help them with their sexual concerns or problems. This collection of papers by sex therapists around the world serves as a fundamental guide for anyone delving into the field of sex therapy. But moreover, it creates a powerful statement about social... read more

Simple Sexy Food – Book Review

By Linda De Villers. Yet another book about the connection between food and sex? Thankfully, this is more than that overstated and obvious duo. After an interesting discussion on aphrodisiacs and their history, the book plunges into some 90 pages delightfully describing an extensive list of foods, drinks and spices. It recounts folklore, historical uses and then nutritional value for each, connecting... read more