Joyballs Secret Review

“What are they?” is the most common initial response to seeing the Joyballs, or other Ben Wa-type balls, for that matter. Yes, anyone can tell they are balls meant to be inserted somewhere, but most people are at least a bit confused about why. The best reason to try out Joyballs Secret is because they are foremost equipment to strengthen those pelvic floor muscles (translation: vaginal muscles). The... read more

Climax Kegels Glass Ben Wa Balls

If you are after a pair of neat and tidy Ben Wa’s, no frills but safe and sturdy, you have met your match. Climax Kegels have come out with a pair of perspex glass balls held together with a silicone strap. You can’t get better quality; simply understated but highly functional. Because of the weight of the perspex glass, the two balls are small but relatively heavy, so they offer a good... read more

Ben Wa Duotone Balls

This set of balls is a development of the small Ben Wa balls. They are larger and lighter, so that for most women they will sit comfortably in the vagina, being inserted without much effort, and they should stay in place for a while, even when in motion. They can also be applied with lubricant to help them slip in easily, but a woman with tight vaginal muscles should not use these as a dilator (a... read more