Medication for the Baby Boomer Generation

Post-menopausal libido changes and sexual discomfort are now commonly treated with hormone replacement, hormonal creams or lubricants. Age-related erectile dysfunction has Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and hundreds of cribs. Knife-happy surgeons are marketing penile enhancements and vaginal restorations. Wherever we go, we are being told that we can and should be performing better at midlife. These are... read more

Back to School for Mid-Life Sex Education

If you are in high school today, the sex education might be good (which is the case in much of Europe, certain parts of the developing world and small pockets in North America) or it could be inadequate, usually when politically or religiously motivated to educate towards abstinence. If you were in high school in the 1970′s or earlier, chances are your sex education was simply non-existent. Myths of... read more

STDs in the Baby Boomer Generation

The Baby Boomer generation has been called the largest and wealthiest generation ever. According to Steve Gillon, Boomers have been dissected, analyzed and pitched to, almost since their conception. So why haven’t we heard about the boom in STDs as this generation enters midlife? Perhaps it just isn’t as congenial as skin-care products and cruises, and certainly not as marketable. Since the... read more