Rereading Woman’s Erotica: Empowerment of Smut?

The search for truly enlightened erotic literature may not be a lost battle, but it certainly is a mission. With all the so-called liberation of erotica following the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, the question is begged, is the contemporary erotica really putting women and our sexuality in a better place than the written word (and, for that matter, the pictures) in Penthouse magazine? It would be almost... read more

50 Ways to Make a Buck

Sex sells. No news there. And yet, there is always someone able to make more money off selling a new angle of sex. As if we haven’t seen it all already. The latest fad is 50 Shades of EVERYTHING. From kinky toys to baby clothes. Seriously, does the term “out of context” mean anything to marketing scavengers? Let’s keep in mind that the success of the book comes from getting spanky and naughty... read more