The Signs and Stages of Syphilis

The first sign of infection is an ulcer that grows between 10 days to three weeks after infection occurred. The ulcer which shows up on the site of entry, is not painful, so it can go unnoticed in some cases. The ulcer will pass on its own, but the disease is not cured, it enters the blood stream from where gets access to every organ in the body. As the disease spreads through the blood, about 3 to 6 weeks after being infected, the patient typically develops a rash.

The next stage is the most confusing. Once the rash disappears, the disease enters a latency stage, that can last from many months to decades. While a person is seemingly healthy, syphilis is breaking down tissue is any possible number of systems in their body.

There are scores of medical complications of late-stage (tertiary) syphilis, but some of the more typical conditions include blindness and deafness, severe heart disease, brain damage and paralysis. In addition, it can lead to arthritis and excruciating pain from the muscles and joints.

Congenital Syphilis is when a mother with syphilis passes it to her unborn child. These children are born with debilitating, infectious and sometimes life-threatening syphilitic symptoms and complications.

The good news: there is a simple cure if you catch it on time. More on Diagnosis and Treatment of Syphilis.

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