Spider Tenga Egg Review

Want to put your privates in the hands of an erotic net? The fantasy element runs strong here, with a close pattern of raised blocks to catch your imagination and entrap you. Perhaps wider spaced lines would have a stronger effect, but this close net actually lands up feeling different but not very intense.

Spider Tenga is one of the family of super discreet male masturbators that are shaped as eggs. Appearing just like a chocolate Easter egg (which can be quite frustrating at sugar craving moments), this is an extremely creative and attractive design for what are otherwise quite a cumbersome genre of toys. A single egg makes a fun, inexpensive gift, and can be a nice way of asking a lover to stay faithful while you’re away. Alternatively, its an exciting way of spicing up mutual masturbation.

Attractively covered in white with silver lines and purple detail, the outer layer peals off with ease to expose a white, plastic egg shaped shell that pops open on demand. Inside the egg shell is your luxuriously soft masturbator. So, in its unstretched state it fits perfectly into its 65mm (2.5”) container, but with the slightest encouragement, it stretches in both length and width. Let’s just say it’s a definite one-size-fits-ALL. But like a condom, in its extended state it looks nothing like its resting state. The opaque white of the egg gets completely clear and so thin that you’ll suspect tearing at the top where it is tightest.

Tenga Egg SpiderAnd tear it may. I cannot give you statistics but it tends to happen quite frequently. You don’t necessarily have to scratch it with a sharp nail or compromise its integrity during storage, opening or rough play; the material is simply not as tough as latex and just rubbing and stretching it can create a tiny rip which will soon mean you have a open-top toy. Some guys might even prefer the open top placing less pressure on the tip of the penis, but most will say the overall sensation goes down without top which hugs and rubs the penis tip.

Unlike a condom, its not a huge tragedy if it does tear; you can still continue stroking with an open top, which is the usual design with strokers. Unfortunately when the Tenga is used as an open sleeve, it is significantly shorter than a regular sleeve and it also doesn’t have the ability to stretch itself as it did when it was closed and could stretch as long as you needed.

The transparency of the material when stretched is actually really fun, like having goggles underwater. It gives you a window into the happenings on the inside and if you’re interested you can watch the ejaculation from close up without having to deal with the mess flying about.

Each egg comes with a sachet of Tenga lubricant. The packet is covered with instructions, but they are in Japanese, so I had to assume it isn’t made of anything I wouldn’t ordinarily want in or on my body. This language issue may be dependent on who the distributor is, but clear instructions on your lube are quite important, so hopefully it is not a problem for all users. The lube itself is perfectly adequate. The amount is modest, but it is sufficient for most users because it is used on the inside of the egg where it does not dry up for a long, long time. It is water-based and has a liquid constitution so be careful not to mess when you tear it open; it can spill with ease if you don’t watch which way up it is.

What is an important characteristic of the Tenga egg, the fact that it is designed for one-time use, is not very clearly stated. Sure, if it doesn’t tear you can wash it off and reuse it if you want, but the shape gets warped, especially around the top where most of the stretching happens. Of course, on subsequent play sessions, you’ll need to bring your own lubricant along, be more careful of tearing and check that it has been properly cleaned inside and out. If you do manage to get through your session with the Spider intact and want to save it for repeat use, this is a tough one to clean out properly, so be gentle but thorough.

A last few words on toys that you use and toss. They don’t go down well with us, and for this reason we recommend buying fewer and reusing as much as possible, if you must use disposable or are just testing the waters. Disposable toys are terrible for the environment. Tengas create excessive amounts of consumer waste, not just the jelly egg itself, but the 3 or more layers of packaging and the individual lube sachets and their plastic holder. Further, disposable toys are made of cheaper materials than their sustainable brethren. Silicone or other stable plastic sleeves are more hygienic for reuse, tend to maintain their tightness and are more cost-effective over the long-term.



  •  Single-use masturbation sleeve
  •  Closed top for extra sensation
  •  Body made of soft jelly material
  •  High flexibility
  •  Thin net-like raised lines cover whole internal surface
  •  Opaque white becomes clear when stretched
  •  Designed for male masturbation
  •  Other textures available for different internal sensations
  •  Includes sachet of lubricant with each egg
  •  Comes as single eggs or in mixed 6-packs
  •  Total length of egg: 65mm (2.5”)
  •  Manufactured in Japan
  • ¤ Available from Babeland




  •  Compact and attractively packaged
  •  Highly discreet
  •  Easy to use
  •  Reduces mess from lubricant and ejaculate
  •  Comfortable on the hand
  •  Clear view of top area when stretched adds erotic element



  •  Traction is minimal
  •  Costly for ongoing use
  •  Tears easily
  •  Disposable products create lot of waste


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