Silicone Anal Explorer Set – Review

So you want to find out what all the buzz is about anal play, but where do you begin? You need more than good guess work if you are new to this and a bit intimidated. An Anal Explorer Kit is just what you could use in this case: it is basic, not too expensive but still very carefully crafted for simple but effective use.

This is probably best for beginners, because the small (pink) piece is really tiny, about the proportions of a woman’s baby finger. Perfect for anal virgins, but might well be something you move on from quickly.

Even the medium-sized (green) piece is also very modestly sized, similar to a woman’s middle finger. Some people may want to stay with this explorer, just using it as a simple plug that provides a gentle fullness that adds to the pleasure of a vaginal or penile orgasm.

The largest size (blue) is significantly wider and longer than the little brothers, but it is still far from the proportions of the majority of available anal plug, even the so-called beginners’ ones. So it is a step-up in terms of what is offered to most newbies to this area of play. But if you really like it and want more and more, the whole kit may need upgrading. Further, if you expect this kit to prepare you for full anal sex, be aware that even the largest piece is a good deal smaller than a small penis.

Unlike many anal plugs, the base of each piece in this set is quite narrow. The point of a wide, flat base is to allow the plug to enter without being driven too far, but also to sit comfortably against the anal entrance. The explorers are designed to sit comfortably on a finger but have little to offer with regards to external comfort. This is something of a shortcoming because it isn’t overly comfortable to hold the plug in place with a finger for an extended time. So you may want to place it and allow it to do its thing, but the small base can cause some insecurity.

Sinclair-Silicone-Explorers-fingerAnother problem with the small base is that the finger holders are small for an average user’s fingers. Made out of silicone, the finger rings can stretch to a few times their size, but the stretch is very tight and may feel uncomfortable and avert your attention away from the real feelings you are supposed to be experiencing. For this reason using them on the tip of the baby finger may be the best option, both for size and for a practical right angle of access.

It cannot be ignored that silicone plugs are simply highly pleasurable. They are smooth and silky feeling and as hygienic as any soft surface can be. Their slight flexibility makes them more tender than glass plugs but with no less presence. Like glass, silicone can be heated and cooled for extra sensation, so this can add more fun if the size factor loses its favour.

All in all, this may not be a life-long play partner if you want to keep discovering anal play, then again it may be sufficient for a little extra sensation. In any case, you can’t really go wrong with it as a novice set for yourself or for a partner who may be put off by any anal piece that is less discreet and subtle.

Explorers must be used with lubricant but stay away from silicone-based lube. Water-based is always best.


    • Three-piece anal insertibles
    • Made of silicone
    • Finger held
    • Shaped for gentle insertion
    • Comes in pastel green, blue and purple
    • Designed for male or female anal play
    • Suitable for beginners
    • Waterproof
    • Insertible lengths of each piece: 50mm (2”), 63mm (2.5”) and 76mm (3”)
    • Phthalate-free
    • Part of the Sinclair Institute Select range



    • Subtle and discreet
    • Comfortable insertion
    • Strong
    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • Affordable price for a set of 3
    • Slow length and width increase between sizes



    • Narrow base
    • Tight finger holders
    • Sizes are all within the small range


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