Sinclair Select Intimate Grip Review

Its a bird, its a plane, its a super-stroker! And its certainly not child’s play; this is material for big boys and better yet – big girls.

Although the Intimate Grip masturbator is quite large in proportion, its clear colour and attractive decorative detail add a large measure of discretion. The Intimate Grip is 152 mm (6”) long and 64 mm (2.5”) thick, but the jelly-like Cyberskin is highly flexible so it can fit all lengths and widths with a good hug and effective mechanism.

The sleeve works in (at least) three ways to make masturbation more proficient than the regular skin-on-skin. First of all, the external surface is half covered by a gently textured design. This makes the surface slip-proof which is handy when lubricant comes in contact with the smooth jelly-like material. The texturing also gives the sleeve attractive ornamentation along two panels running the length of the sleeve.

Between the textured panels are two clear panels which allow clear view into the inside of the sleeve. When not in use, you can see the internal tunnel with its large and tempting ribs. When “Intimately Gripping” the guy, the clear panel lets the user (or users) watch the action as clear as you need. This visibility is highly arousing for most people, but in case you want to keep it more blurred you can just twist the sleeve and stick to the feeling, without the view.

The third element is the internal tunnel, which as mentioned has strong ribbing to add extra traction to every movement. The sleeve is open-ended but one end is wide and the top end is narrow. This means that you can reverse sides for extra tightness but with all that is going down with this precious sleeve, its hardly necessary. Worn correctly, the bottom end is still very tight and it will provide excellent stimulation to the base of the penis and even the scrotum area. Because the top end is still tighter, it can be used in full, or if it is just too much, the sleeve can be worn partially, just over the top of the penis, where it is most sensitive.

The Intimate Grip is made of Cyberskin, which has a slight stickiness to it, but when it comes in contact with the skin, especially with the aid of lubricant, is slips and slides with great ease and a very natural feeling. If you try using lubricant with a warming effect, it feels even more like a vagina than you would believe.

When it comes to keeping the Intimate Grip hygienic and protecting it from deteriorating, make sure it is cleaned soon after use and this means soap and water, outside and in. Don’t be scared to turn it inside out to get all the lube or ejaculate out of the inner ribs; the Cyberskin material will retain its shape, even after continuous stretching.


    • Penis sleeve with both ends open
    • Designed for male masturbation (hand job)
    • Made of cyberskin (skin-like jelly)
    • Curved shaped
    • Transparent colour
    • Textured external surface with smooth panels
    • Ribbed and decreasing internal surface
    • Waterproof
    • One size fits all
    • Length of sleeve: 152 mm (6”)
    • Phthalate-free and latex-free
    • Part of Sinclair Institute series



    • Very attractive and appealing
    • Comfortable to hold and control
    • Realistic-feeling material
    • Translucency allows you to view the inner action
    • Highly stimulating
    • Length allows stimulation all along the shaft simultaneously
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to place, especially with lubricant


    • Could be too intense for some men
    • Cyberskin can get sticky, especially when left in hot places
    • Cyberskin collects dirt on surface if not properly stored
    • Deep ribs can collect bacteria if not properly cleaned
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