Sinclair Select Crystal G Review

Anyone with a mature sense of style who is serious about isolating that G-spot will be blown away by the Crystal G Glass Wand. A transparent version of its fraternal twin, the man’s ONYX Prostate Wand, this is almost too beautiful to bury inside anything or anyone.

Although this wand is a form of a dildo, meant for vaginal insertion, its extreme curve and relative slimness mean that it is not designed as a classic dildo to give you a sense of fullness of penetration, but rather for shallow insertion in order to massage the G-spot area. It is also great for use as a static clitoral massager – it will help you reach the clit and vulva without too much effort. It can also be used for anal insertion, but it should not be transferred from vaginal/vulva play to anal play without proper cleaning.

The wand is quite heavy, as could be expected from a 15cm long glass piece, but it means that anyone with wrist weakness may be limited in how long she can hold it comfortably. Of course, the extreme curve allows you to keep your wrist straight while accessing tricky spots, if you take care not to twist your wrist. If you have arthritis or any temporary wrist trouble, this is actually your best bet for accessing any part of the genitalia while your hand is strapped or confined.

Glass may scare you when associated with internal use, but this wand is created from Cyberglass, which is a strengthened form of Perspex glass which cannot break inside the body, no matter how much squeezing and twisting you do. It will shatter, though, if you drop it from high up onto a hard surface, so careful in the bath or shower when it is wet and lubed up.

Toys made of glass are super simple to keep clean. You do not necessarily need anti-bacterial soap because bacteria cannot get in unless you chip the glass. Some regular soap or a good rub with hot water will do the trick and keep your wand healthy and good as the day you got it, for as long as you need it.

Once you get the hang of it, you can try feel new sensations by leaving it in the freezer for a few minutes or soaking it in hot water. The Cyberglass takes on the heat and cold, which can be very titillating, as long as you’re not too hasty in inserting it too hot or cold. Always sample it on external skin first.

Even without doing something so drastic, the glass and lube may feel a bit cold at first, causing the vaginal muscles to contract temporarily, so do not thrust until the body relaxes. Just know that the glass will soon take on the body’s temperature and feel great.


    • Curved, slim dildo
    • Designed for vaginal insertion and G-spot reach
    • Made of Cyberglass (strengthened glass)
    • Ergonomically shaped
    • Transparent with green detail
    • Strong curve
    • Raised ridges at tip
    • Rounded, slightly widened handle
    • Waterproof
    • Length of wand: 156mm (6.2”)
    • Part of the Sinclair Institute Select collection


    • Really comfortable to hold and control
    • Cyberglass takes on heat and cold
    • Discreet
    • Classy looking
    • Hygienic
    • Easy to clean
    • Super smooth for easy insertion, especially with lubricant



    • Heavy
    • Not wide enough for deep, full penetration
    • Initial touch can be cold, especially when used with lubricant in a cold room
    • Can get slippery when lubricant is added
    • May not be as effective for G-spot or clitoral play as a vibrating device
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