Sinclair SACHA Massager Review

Sacha is a remake of the classic Hitachi Wand. Any woman who knows and needs a particularly powerful vibrator will agree that a wand really can do magic.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, a wand is a long vibrator that is powered by electricity. This usually means it needs to be attached to an electric socket during use, which freaks some of the ladies out, but the Sacha has come up with a trick to work around this. The chief innovation in this wand is its pod. Instead of having a cord which keeps it attached to the electric socket during use, it has a pod which charges by connecting to a charger and thereby to the socket. Once charged, the pod is disconnected from the electric charger and connected to the wand. So you aren’t completed wire-free, you have the the wand attached to the heavy pod via a long cord which offers a high level of freedom of movement, and you are not limited to using it within reach of a socket.

The pay-off for the electric power is that wands produce super strong vibration and it doesn’t run out of gas, because electric power tends to be constant. One thing that’s missing on this fine machine is full variation. There are five speeds, starting at strong and heading towards “frying your brain through your clit”. This is not the pleasure instrument for the woman who likes subtle stimulation.

The quiet of the working mechanism is pure joy. A low hum is all you will hear, though it may produce heavy pants, squeals and shouts from the human side.

The Sacha has the typical wand head that makes it great for massaging the clitoris, with a smooth top and ribs for extra traction on the sides. It is not intended for internal use.

While the head is reminiscent of the classic wand, the Sacha wand has a much smarter and more attractive curved shape. It results in a more comfortable grip with convenient access to the little purple speed button. If you do use one of the highest speeds, you have to work your way up and back down again, because you have “plus” and “minus” buttons, but no direct switch-off mechanism.

The Sacha is a very attractive combination of colours: it is a subtle white with purple features. The purple head and buttons are made of rubber, giving them a soft, more natural feel on the body. The white body is hard plastic, but this part does not need to come into contact with the genital area. It is comfortable enough to hold onto, though add a bit of sweat and it will get slippery. There are vibrations felt on the hand. If you are a sensitive person it could bother you, but if you like such a strong buzz, unlikely that you’ll suffer from such sensitivity.

You can easily travel with the charged pod and leave the electric charger behind. This is lighter, more discreet and will leave you with over two hours of playtime and charge that does not run down quickly.

When charging the pod there is no light to tell you that it is working or finished. It would be great with a product of this quality, to have a light that changes colour when it is low on charge and when it is fully charged.

A problem for me was that there are no charging instructions. This may seem trivial, after all, with most electric appliances all you need to know is to stick the plug in the socket; it’s not rocket science. But in this case, there is a charger, a pod and a wand. Both charger and pod fit into the wand. It is obvious that you connect the pod to the charger and the charger to the wall. But you need to guess that the wand is not supposed to be connected to the pod during charging; only once the pod is charged, you disconnect it from the charger and connect it to the wand to power it. Maybe I am a bit slow with electronics, but this wasn’t self-evident and it was not clarified until I ran it by the distributor.


    • Curved, wand vibrator
    • Electrically charged
    • Designed for clitoral stimulation
    • Made of hard plastic and rubber
    • Ergonomically shaped
    • 5 strong speeds
    • Comes in white with purple detail
    • Ridges around tip for extra traction
    • Comes with a 162 cm (64″) cord to the rechargeable power source
    • Length of wand: 182mm (7.2”)
    • Part of the Sinclair Institute Select collection



    • Extremely powerful vibration modes
    • Very quiet
    • Really comfortable to hold and control
    • Relatively discreet
    • Stylish looking
    • Chargeable power pod allows use without constant need for electric socket



    • Not suitable for full penetration
    • Ribbing on the head requires careful cleaning without wetting the charge point
    • Can get slippery from sweat or lubricant
    • No gentle or moderate modes of use


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