Sinclair LULU Tapered Massager Review

While its hospital green colouring may not be everybody’s cup of decaf, the Lulu goes way deeper than skin deep.

The pastel green is understated, just like its sorority vibes, the Bibi and the Geni. Of the three, this is my least favorite colour, but there is much to be said about the shape. Lulu shares the same girth as the other models (4cm or 1.6” at its maximum) but appears to be daintier because of the narrow top and gentle widening.

It has a well-rounded tip which allows application of the vibrator on small spots from certain angles and larger areas if held at different angles. It then gently expands in girth so it can be helpful for women who have trouble with penetration or who like to easy into their pleasure.

The Lulu delivers a range of 7 different vibrations, with well-varied patterns and pulsations, some monotonic and others dynamic. Some are vaguely softer than others but in general they are strong vibrations. Given the choice of strong or weak, strong always wins, because you can easily move it away from your sensual epicenter to make it feel weaker.

The vine pattern on the surface may add pleasure around the vaginal entrance when in motion, and to the clitoral area when rubbed. Internal and external use is made simple and pleasurable by the well-crafted ergonomic handle. This handle is not only practical, but also aesthetically-suited to the body of the Lulu.

Silicone, as always, is a great asset when it comes to vibrators. It feels great when you rub it along the body, and is reminiscent of smooth, soft skin. When it comes to hygiene, silicone is queen because it stays intact without developing micro tears that allow bacteria to enter the material, as may happen with cheaper plastics and rubbers. The water-resistance is yet another lovely addition, but for use in wetter places and for ease of cleaning.

Being a medium-plus sized phallic vibrator, it is intended for internal use as well as external. When inserted, it provides a sense of fullness without being especially big.

The noise level is low though it varies slightly from one vibration function to the next. Noise can be a deal breaker for some, but it should be expected from the higher range products like the Sinclair range

While the control buttons are easy to access and allow simple movement through the wide range of vibration programmes, it is less convenient if you prefer to stay with a particular programme because then you have to run through all the others, either on your way to find it or when you need to switch it off; there is no simple, direct “off” button.


    • Medium-plus, tapered insertible vibrator
    • Designed for vaginal insertion and clitoral use
    • 7 vibration functions
    • Made of silicone
    • Ergonomically-shaped grip
    • Light green coloured with white and silver detail
    • Raised, petal-shaped nodules cover the shaft
    • Rounded, slightly widened handle
    • Water resistant
    • Length of wand: 156mm (8”)
    • Insertible length: 140mm (5.5”)
    • Uses 2 AA batteries, not included
    • Part of the Sinclair Institute Select collection



  • Attractive and delicate shape
  • Rounded, tapered top is good for clitoral use
  • Relatively discreet for an insertible
  • Comfortable to hold and control
  • Silicone is luxurious and takes on heat and cold
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to clean
  • Silicone is phthalate-free and safe for direct use on sensitive areas



    • Colour choice is unusual and unsexy
    • Cannot be used with silicone-based lubricant
    • One button for on-off and selection means running through whole range to switch off


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