Sinclair Invisi-Vibe Vibrating Panty Review

It may not be your ideal first vibe, but a woman who knows and loves the vibrations that toys can give will love this new take on a hands-free, panty-held vibrator. Known as the Invisi-Vibe, it is a sort of invisible because its hidden under your underwear, and so streamlined that you will have a hard time noticing something even if you look for it. In addition, it is practically invisible in colour – its clear and slim with an ever-so subtle white vibe on its back for the buzz.

The Invisi-vine is essentially a development of the group of toys known as butterflies. They two sit on the vulva and do their thing under your panties, but they tend to have strings to hold them in place. Here, its the shape that is carefully molded to grip the vulva. With the extra help of panties, this should hold on as well as a good lover should.

The body itself is is smaller than you would imagine, under 10cm (4”) in length, with a ridge that runs lengthways down the middle. This ridge will sit comfortably between the lips and reach up for the clitoris. It has many bumps that add extra sensation, but quite honestly, you need to shake your booty a bit during action to get the benefit of this interesting texture. That is one thing you cannot necessarily do if you’re planning to use it discreetly.

And while we’re on the subject of discretion, sure, this is a vibe that suggests you stick it in, switch it on and go about your daily activities with a sweet secret in your panties. Not so fast. While your Invisi-vibe can quite easily be left to tickle and treat you without the vibrator going, it is not so easy to have the vibe working while you’re out and about. This full treatment can be saved for when you are alone, or with a partner in relative privacy and want to enjoy some hands-free play. Remember, you have to stick a hand into the panties and find the little button on the end of the micro-vibe in order to switch it on and off. There are no remote controls, like with some of the older butterflies.

Still, I have to say I love the super small vibe and the fact that it is removable. It means that you can use the Invisi-body without the vibe and better yet, the vibe on its own. This vibe is very powerful, with all those vibrations concentrated in such a small area. It has three speeds: strong, slightly stronger and more-than-slightly stronger. In other words, its not easy to differentiate speeds, but the very sensitive woman can. Of course, some of the power is lost when the vibe is placed inside the Invisi-body, where the vibrations are dispersed.

The whole thing – the body and the micro-vibe are water-resistant and need to be washed after each use, by separating them to get into all the little coves.

More than with hand-held toys, the sitting vibe works much better with some lubricant. It may make things a bit messy and even more difficult to hold in place, but this will just add to the sensation. Besides, who said fun should be clean?



  •  Panty-held vibrator
  •  No strings attached
  •  Pliable plastic shaped to fit over vulva
  •  Tiny white removable vibe provides power
  •  Designed for full external stimulation (clitoral and labial)
  •  Three vibration speeds
  •  Clear coloured with white vibrator
  •  Length of main body: 93m (3.7”)
  •  Length of micro-vibe: 50mm (2”)
  •  Phthalate-free, latex-free plastic
  •  Uses 2 AG-5 batteries (included)
  •  Part of the Sinclair Institute Select collection



  •  Discreet use
  •  Light weight
  •  Slender plastic fits comfortably
  •  Quiet
  •  No need to hold
  •  Two parts can be used separately for more variety
  •  Phthalate-free plastic is safe for direct use on the skin



  •  On-off button/speed change is indiscreet
  •  Full pleasure is limited if vibrator is not moved
  •  Speed range is slight


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