Rebranding: How about Sexy Syria?

Now this is a fall from grace if ever there was one. One day Asma Al-Assad is a Vogue profile and one civil war later she’s on the EU sanction list. Ouch!

The so called Desert Rose, the first lady of Syria, is not as pretty as she used to be. Call me superficial, but I find tyrants’ arm candy to be particularly tasteless. Sure, you used to be smart, liberal and groundbreaking, but that was before your hubby killed some 10,000 of your subjects and you choose to shut up except for the rare nudge of support. And before you decided to dust away your worries by blowing some of your blood money (under a false name) on ostentatious shopping sprees in Europe. Splat!

But lucky for you, I have a plan of action that will change all that and reinstate you in history as the sweetheart of the West, à la John and Yoko.

Remember the “Bed In”, give peace a chance? Okay, the concept could be a bit fuzzy these days, but stay with me. Being the intelligent woman that you may still be, and no longer able to wear the hottest new European fashion, you may as well turn your attention to the home front. Mean old Bashar is in a mad fit of power and somebody needs to divert his attention and reconnect him with his softer side. Or at least his mere mortal side. Show us the love. Asma, remind him that his penis is the same size no matter how large his missiles. And then make love, not war.

Just think of all the testosterone-frenzy wars we’ve known. Consider how many of those belligerent males at the helm were getting pumped on power trips and rage because their sex lives were suspended, permanently or otherwise. I believe if Josephine could have hitched a lift around Europe at the time, Napoleon would have been less ambitious but more satisfied, êtes-vous d’accord?

I would not normally promote using sex for unrelated gain, but come on Asma, this is getting a bit much. Learn more about how its done: The Bed In – Make Love Not War

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