Sexy, Sexier, Nice and Willing to Strip

Apparently Rihanna is the sexiest woman alive. She may be quite beautiful, but isn’t it a bit immodest to think that you can decide without having checked another few billion?

I think its like the way the Americans created the World Series where Americans play ball with Americans and a Canadian or two. But back to the subject of universal standards of beauty, I think that if you ask the Chinese who they find beautiful, they’d have a different take and if we were to be put to the vote, Rihanna would be screwed. Just not in the way that her photoshoot suggests.

Perhaps the sexiness lies in the eyes of the lucrative beholder of the very sexy video and stills that were released along with the interview in the man’s man magazine who made the call, Esquire. Maybe there are one or two sexier women, even in their immodest opinion, bu said beauties refused to strip naked and toss dirt all over themselves. “Ooh, I’m a dirty girl, don’t you want me? For just a measly few dollars, I can mud wrestle myself just for you”.

Are men’s men really that erotically shallow? Apparently enough are.

My suggestion is to internalize that the woman you are with at the moment is the sexiest of all living babes. Why? Because she is the one you can feel and smell and see, and she is the one whose body will be giving you pleasure. Of course, that concept doesn’t sell as many magazines.

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