More and More Sexy Old Coots

It’s official, not only am I getting older, but so are all the people of the world. I’d have thought you wouldn’t need years of research to tell you that, but my colleagues, the epidemiologists, don’t take anything for granted.

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010, a study that was so massive that it took two years to wade through the data and announce that the earth’s population is living longer than ever before and dying of different diseases and conditions. I have to be honest, I haven’t read all the seven articles published in December’s The Lancet, covering some of the findings, but I’d hazard a guess that there’s not much talk about sex outside the context of HIV/AIDS.

Why would we need to talk about sex, you ask? Apart from the fact that you don’t really need a reason, I just think that it’s sad how we hear so much about the problems with younger and younger people becoming sexually active, but you don’t hear about the problems of older and older people not being sexually active.

Consider this: according to the study, since 1970, men and women of the global population have gained more than ten years of life expectancy overall, but they spend more years living with injury and illness. Other than being bombarded with erection-promoting pills and eternal youth chasing surgical possibilities, we’re not hearing more about sex in one’s 60′s, 70′s and even 80′s plus. We should be, because it’s healthy, life-affirming, stress and depression fighting and it’s damn good fun. But it doesn’t look anything like the sex that we’re shown in the mainstream media – young, thin and on cue.

This is about opening our minds to the enormous variety of sexual possibilities. When we come to terms with the truth that sex can feel good or maybe great, even when partakers are not perfectly abled, beautifully sculptured, or capable of 50 Shades-type escapades, then old age just got a lot sweeter.

Now let us give sex back to those that were doing it before us, hard as it might be to digest. It really is in [almost] everyone’s interest. You can start by getting Gramma a tasteful vibrator for the holidays. Spread the sense of legitimacy. And don’t be so prude about it; it’s probably not her first.

One comment on “More and More Sexy Old Coots

  1. How do you know what my grandmother uses? personally, i’d have thought she’d be more into an a low tech dildo.

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