A Sex Toy in China? No Way!

Although they produce enough sex toys every year to keep the entire planet floating in endorphins, the Chinese are not big fans of sex toys themselves. Not that a vibrator wouldn’t go amiss there, just that tight cultural influence on propriety has deemed our lovable made-in-China friends into devices non gratae.

Which is why a story coming out of the little village of Liucunbu has got people giggling across China, with the exception of a certain journalist who is mortified and no longer expected to investigate matters of vegetation.

And this is how it goes: a bunch of workmen in the Western Chinese village were digging when they found a buried object, 80 meters deep. It was the strangest mushroom they had ever seen. They immediately placed it in a bucket of water and incited a wave of interest. The double-headed fleshy mushroom attracted the attention of a young photojournalist who carefully probed this rare specimen and added her research about mushrooms of the suspected rare fungi species. The story hit the news and soon went viral. If it would have been this rare growth, it might have made her career but this was not the mushroom that, legend has it, offers immortality. The story of a lifetime fell apart when viewers on TV recognised that this was, in fact, a rather less rare species of rubber vagina.

And the lessons learned? Maybe a bit of good old sex education wouldn’t be unhelpful in the puritanical Chinese education system. Maybe the local folks should share some of the pleasures of the flesh that they produce by the millions for far away lands. But I think that the real lesson is that ambitious young females will usually be disparaged instead of encouraged for their initiative; the men at the head of the network would rather laugh at her than back up an honest, if ludicrous, mistake. Their official response was “… our reporter was still very young and unwise to the ways of the world…”

Here is the report: Rare Mushroom – Not!


One comment on “A Sex Toy in China? No Way!

  1. despi on said:

    The way that thing looks, I’d sooner turn it into mushroom risotto than put it near my genitals.

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