Sex Terms Beginning with Y

Y Yeast Infection – Yohimbine – Yoni – (oops, we’ve run out of terms beginning with “Y”)



Yeast Infection

A common fungal infection which women experience in the vagina when small amounts of yeast grow because the normal flora of the vagina are out of balance. This may be caused by taking antibiotics, by stress of poor diet (especially high sugar intake and white flour) or in some women from taking oral contraceptives. The infections caused itchiness and burning during urination. It can easily be identified by the typical thick white cottage cheese-like paste that it produces in the vagina. It responds well to anti-fungal cream but women who have regular outbreaks need to change their diet to keep it under control. Yeast infection is not an STD but can sometimes be triggered by oral sex. It is also known as Candida or Vaginal Thrush.


A plant-based treatment for erection problems, prepared from the bark of the yohimbe tree, which is found in Africa. It works on the brain to increase the sex drive by increasing noradrenalin production. It works well for some men but has many side effects and is dangerous if taken along with certain other medications, so it needs to be authorized by a doctor. It comes in pill form under many different brand names such as Aphrodyne, Viritab, Yocon and Yohimex.


The ancient Indian (Sanskrit) term for the vagina or a representation of the vagina. The term is a central concept in the Kama Sutra and often used in the context of Tantric Sex. The male term used opposeite Yoni is Lingam.


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