Sex Terms Beginning with W

W Wank – Water-Based Lubricant – Watersports – Well- Endowed – Wet Dream – Whore – Withdrawal – Womb




A slang term for Masturbate.

Water-Based Lubricant

A Lubricant in which the main ingredient is water. This is the safestype of lubircation because it is safe for use with Latex condoms and is also the least likely to cause reactions on the skin.


Slang term for purposeful urination during a sexual act. Also known as a Golden Shower.


Description of a man with a large penis.

Wet Dream

See Nocturnal Emission.


Derogatory term for prostitute or a person who has sex for money.


When a man removes his penis from the vagina, anus, or mouth before he ejaculates. Some couples use it as a method of birth control but it is not a very safe method, neither for preventing pregnancy nor STIs, not only because it demands excellent control, but also because sperm and STIs can be present in the Pre-Cum. It is another term for Pulling Out or Coitus Interuptus.


A non medical word for Uterus, more often used in the context of pregnancy.

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