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The passage in a female leading from the uterus to the outside of the body. It is covered with delicate mucus membrane, making it sensitive to sexual stimulation and ideal for mutual sexual pleasure. It also serves as the birth canal, stretching massively to allow passage of a baby. Before birth, the vagina may need to stretch to allow use of tampons and penetration of a penis and other objects, which may at first be uncomfortable but is made possible and easier with time, by the muscular structure of this organ. Although it knows how to stretch and contract, the tissue is tender and can be torn by friction, especially when there is not enough lubrication. It can also be infected by STIs through microscopic tears that tend to appear during penetration, making the vagina more vulnerable to infection than other genital areas. Because it is a wet, warm place, bacteria and fungi can grow out of balance and create smell and discharge with relative ease, if natural hygiene and safe sex are not adhered to. For this and other reasons, there are a multitude of slang terms for the vagina, many of which are derogatory, such as box, cunt, muff, pussy, slit. More on the Vagina.

Vaginal Secretions

A clear and slippery fluid that comes from the membranes surrounding the walls of the vagina. It is a natural lubricant that is usually produced when a woman is sexually aroused. It makes penetration easier and protects the vagina from tearing and discomfort. Some women do not produce sufficient vaginal secretions, even when aroused, which can be as a result of hormonal changes, medication or stress. They should use store-bought lubricant to substitute or compliment their own secretions.

STIs are carried in vaginal secretion so contact can spread infection. Slang terms include Pussy Juice and Honey.

Vaginal Sex

Traditionally thought of as “regular sex” or intercourse, this involves the penis entering the vagina. While there are many forms of sex that can give pleasure, Vaginal Sex is the route practiced for conception; conversely, contraception is needed if pregnancy is not wanted. Both partners are vulnerable to STIs, so latex or polyurethane condoms must be used unless both partners are free of risk. Although it is usually pleasurable for both partners, most women cannot orgasm from vaginal sex alone, and may need clitoral stimulation.


A sexual problem where the women’s vaginal muscles contract so tightly that intercourse is difficult or impossible. More on Vaginismus.


Non-kinky, “traditional” sex, usually between men and women. It suggests a derogatory tone of plainness, compared to more exploratory sexual behaviours such as BDSM.


A surgical procedure performed on a man’s vas deferens inside the scrotum, which cuts the tube that brings sperm into the semen. He is able to function as before and to ejaculate, but his semen is left sperm-free and he is therefore infertile. It is a safe, although not foolproof, method of permanent contraception which allows a man to take care of his fertility. The procedure can usually be overturned by another operation, in which the tube is reattached, should the patient change his mind at a later stage.

Venereal Disease (VD)

The old term for a sexually transmitted disease. It used to refer mostly to to Syphilis and Gonorrhea, but over the years came to include a long list, and then to be replaced by the more explicit terms Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) or Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Viagra (Sildenafil)

The original pharmaceutical pill for treatment of impotence. This prescription medication works by increasing the blood flow to the penis. It has been shown to work on women to some degree, increasing vaginal lubrication and sexual arousal, but it is not FDA approved for females as it is for males. Because Viagra does not only work on impotent men, but also increases the strength and frequency of erections in men without erectile dysfunction, it is also used recreationally. People who buy it illegally for recreational purposes must beware that it has side effects and can interact with other medications to cause health dangers. More on Viagra.


See Vibrator.


A sex toy that provides electrical or mechanical vibrations, which are used on the genital area to draw blood towards the area and thereby increase stimulation and possibly bring the user to orgasm. The area that responds best to vibration is the Clitoris, but all other genital areas on males and females have the potential to respond positively to this effective form of massage/stimulation. Most vibrators are powered by batteries or electricity making their movement stronger and faster than human movement. They can therefore be used for masturbation as well as couple sexual play.


A person who has never had sex. Different definitions include different sexual acts in the criteria, so it may or may not include oral sex, anal sex and manual stimulation. There are a great deal of myths related to virginity, such as how much sexual experience a virgin may have had, if a female virgin is expected to bleed after her first experience or if a virgin can have STIs. More on Virginity


Getting sexual pleasure from watching someone else have sex. A voyeur who watches people without their consent can be accused of harassment and even arrested. But when partnered with an Exhibitionist, a voyeur can comfortably enjoy what the other displays consensually.


The outer part of the female genitalia. This includes the Labia, Clitoris and the Vestible, but not the Vagina which lies inside. The Vulva incorporates some of the most sensitive parts of the female anatomy, so it is a vital part of a woman’s sexual arousal. More on the Vulva.

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