Sex Terms Beginning with U

U Urethra – Urethritis – Urophagia – Urophilia - Uterus




The tube that carries urine from a person’s bladder to the outside of his or her body. For a male, the urethra runs through the penis and ends at the penis tip. Part of this same tube carries semen during ejaculation. For females, the urethra ends just above the vaginal entrance, but this tube is not used for any purpose other than urination. The urethra of females as well as males can be infected by STIs during sex.


An infection of the Urethra, which causes swelling and redness of the area and burning during urination. Urethritis is often caused by an STI, but it is also common in females after having sex for the first time, not because of any common STI, but because a new environment has been introduced into this previously balanced area. In such a case, it will pass on its own. Urethritis caused by sexually transmitted bacteria can be treated with antibiotics.


The practice of drinking urine of another person, which may or may not be part of a sexual act. This is a form of Urophilia. It is often performed as part of BDSM play. Although it is considered a highly submissive act, there is no health hazard as long as the person urinating has no diseases that are urine-borne.


Sexual arousal and pleasure from urine or urination with a partner. It can be active (urinating on a partner) or passive (being urinated upon) and sometimes also involves ingesting the urine. Also known as Urolagnia and Undinism.


A hollow, muscular organ that is found inside the female pelvic which is functional in pregnancy and menstruation. When a women has her period, it is actually the discarded lining of the uterine walls that is causing the blood. During pregnancy, the uterus expands immensely to hold the growing fetus. Another function is during orgasm, when uterine contractions help increase the sensation of pleasure. The uterus is shaped like an upside-down pear and connects to the fallopian tubes and to the vagina, via the cervix. Also referred to as the Womb.

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