Sex Terms Beginning with T

T Teabagging – Testicles – Threesome – Tits – Tranny – Transsexual – Transvestite – Trichomoniasis




A form of oral sex in which a man sits, stands or squats above his partner and then brings his testicles into the partner’s mouth, one at a time or both at the same time, by lowering and dunking. The name Teabagging was given because it has the appearance of dunking a teabag into a cup.


A man’s two small egg-shaped organs which produce and hold sperm. They hang behind the penis and although they are very sensitive and can be hurt because they are outside of the body, it is important that they are positioned this way so that they are kept at the right temperature to protect the sperm (the temperature would be too high inside the body). There is no correlation between their size and their function, but all testicles increase in size and move up closer to the penis as the man gets aroused. They can be included in sex play because touch can produce great pleasure.

Testicles are also referred to as Balls, Family Jewels.


A sex act between three people, with different combinations of males and females or all of one sex. Also called Menage á Trois.


A derogatory name for Breasts, which tends to objectify females.


A transsexual.


A person who identifies as a female when she was born with a male physical body, or visa versa. A transsexual tends to feel great distress living as the “wrong” gender”, and they may or may not take hormones and /or have surgery to bring their body’s functioning and appearance closer to how they feel intrinsically.


A person who enjoys dressing according to the opposite sex, usually to increase their sexual arousal. Because there is today a greater freedom of gender dress, many butch lesbians who may have once been considered transvestites no longer stand out as such, so transvestitism largely refers to men who dress and make themselves up as women. Men who do so are not necessarily homosexual.

Also referred to as a Cross-Dresser; people who use cross-dressing for entertainment purposes are known as Drag Queens or Drag Kings.


An STI caused by a parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis, which affects the vagina or the urethra of men. It is spread via vaginal penetrative sex or from vulva to vulva in lesbian sex, and it tends to affect women more than men. The symptoms are itching and discharge. Trichomoniasis is easily treated with antibiotics but a person can be reinfected after they are cured. 

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