Sex Terms Beginning with S

S Sadism – Safer Sex – Saliva – Scat – Scrotum – Seduction – Semen – Sex – Sex Surrogate – Sex Toys – Sex Worker – Sexpert – Sexual Abuse – Sexual Desire – Sexual Fluids – Sexual Intercourse – Sexual Orientation – Sexual Pleasure – Sexuality – Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) – Shaft – Sildenafil – Sixty-Nine (69) – Slut – Sodomy – Softcore – Spanish Fly – Sperm – Spermicide – Sponge – Spooning – Sterilization -Straight – Strap-on – Submissive 


Gaining sexual pleasure by inflicting controlled pain, discomfort, or humiliation on a willing partner, usually a masochism who is gaining pleasure from receiving pain or orders. Sadism is one of the elements of BDSM.

Safer Sex

What was once referred to as Safe Sex is now called Safer Sex, because it is recognized that there is no act of sex that involves direct contact that is completely free of risk. Safer sex practice involves reducing the risk of contracting or transmitting an infection through sexual contact, which includes vaginal, oral and anal sex. It also includes contraception.

Whereas avoiding unwanted pregnancy means avoiding contact with semen and pre-cum, avoiding STIs involves protection from direct contact between blood, semen, vaginal as well as cervical secretions. In a few cases, viruses can be spread from skin to skin contact too.

The safest sex involves correct use of good quality male or female condoms after testing for STIs if there was any chance of being exposed to them.


The natural fluid that exists in a person’s mouth. It is brought into contact with one’s sexual partner through open-mouth kissing, oral sex and sometimes it is accessed as a lubricant. Saliva is not a very long lasting lubricant because it dries up quicker than vaginal fluid or the better manufactured substitutes, but it is useful because it is always accessible. Sexually transmitted diseases including HIV are not spread via saliva, but common colds, flu and other air-borne diseases are, making sneezing and coughing more dangerous than kissing. Also known as Spit.


Sex play that involves feces. This can include being active (defecating or shitting), being passive (deficated or shitted on) or playing with feces. Scat can be dangerous because feces can carry viruses, bacteria and parasites; it can also contain small amounts of blood that carry the most contagious infections.


The soft sac of wrinkled skin that contain and protect a male’s testicles. They hang outside the body to maintain the correct body temperature for the sensitive sperm. When turned on, the scrotum become enlarged and approach the body.


Purposefully enticing or tempting another person to get involved in a form of sexual behaviour. The term suggests that the person being seduced is not at first in a state of sexual arousal, so the seduction may or may not involve underhanded tactics. Usually a seduction is helped by the creation of facilitating conditions, such as wine, food, poetry, music, romantic lighting and foremost, alluring behaviour.


The whitish fluid that is squirted out of a man’s penis when he ejaculates. The semen contains tens of millions of sperm and can also contain bacteria and viruses that cause STIs. There are many slang terms, such as Jism, Cum, Juice, Jit.


Although often misunderstood as referring only to Sexual Intercourse, sex actually includes a wide range of physical behaviours and sensations: vaginal, anal and oral loving, masturbation, fantasy and other erotic play. In some definitions, sex includes hugging, kissing and feeling oneself or one’s partner, although such actions are more likely to be referred to as Sexual Behaviour.

Sex Surrogate

A trained counselor who helps people with their sexual and intimacy problems. This system of therapy involved creating a physical bond during the course of therapy and ends with the surrogate and client engaging in sexual activity.

Sex Toys

Objects designed for use in sexual arousal and pleasure. The range of female sex toys includes vibrators, dildos, harnesses and insertive balls such as Ben-Wa.

Male sex toys include cock rings, dildos and toy vaginas. Sex toys also cover the wide range of objects used for BDSM play and playful versions of condoms, games and clothing, making it a wide definition. Sex toys are made out of a range of materials, from gold to cheap and sometimes dangerous plastics. If good materials are used and the toys are kept clean, play with sex toys can be safe and very helpful for individual as well as couples.

Sex Worker

Sometimes used as another word for a Prostitute, but it could include many people involved in the wider sexual industry, as diverse in their work as erotic dancers, porn models and actors and erotic telephone servicers.


A person who has gained a reputation as being an expert on the subject of sex. This is not a professional title so there is no set of criteria to qualify, but rather it is a colloquialism.

 Sexual Abuse

An act of violence or mistreatment of a person that occurs in the sexual realm. This begins with touching a person in a sexual or intimate way without their consent, or making a person touch someone else on their genitals or in some way that causes arousal. It continues with sexual harassment, forced sexual acts and incest. Rape is just one form of abuse. Sexual abuse occurs between strangers but more often it occurs between people who socialize in the same circles, learn together, work together and live together.

Sexual Desire

A powerful attraction and need for sexual expression with another person or object. While desire is actually a drive or emotion, a person can notice signs of arousal on their body when they think of or see the object of their desire, if they are is in touch with their body. See Desire.

Sexual Fluids

The natural wetness that are produced by a man or a woman’s genitals as a result of sexual behaviour or as a spontaneous sexual response. For men it is semen and pre-seminal fluid and for women it is vaginal and cervical secretions. They are usually produced after masturbation or sexual contact, but can also appear during a Wet Dream or during fantasy or mental stimulation. Contact with another person’s sexual fluids can spread STIs.

Sexual Intercourse

See Intercourse

Sexual Orientation

A person’s intrinsic direction of sexual interest, be it heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual. Despite many varied attempts to “cure” homosexual orientation, there is no proof that it can be changed, because it is not a matter of choice. A person’s orientation generally becomes known to them around puberty, when sexual feelings begin to develop, but due to social and personal pressures, many individuals refuse to accept their orientation until years or even decades later.

Sexual Pleasure

The positive outcome of sexual thought or behaviour. It is not necessary to experience orgasm in order to experience sexual pleasure.


A wide term that encompasses sex acts, other sensual and sexual behaviour, sexual orientation, sexual politics, gender and all other contexts in which sex carries influence.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

See Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Infections passed on through sexual activity. Most STIs are contracted through body fluids notably, sperm, vaginal secretions or blood, but some viruses can be transferred by sores on the skin rubbing on other skin. Some infections such as thrush are not considered sexually transmitted, nor are diseases or infections passed via saliva, if those bacteria or viruses are air-borne.

Condoms provide a very high level of protection against most STIs, but people must be on the lookout for sores on the skin area around the genitals which are not covered by condoms (such as Herpes and HPV).

Read more on STIs


Referring to an erect penis, the long, straight area from the base to just below the head or penis glans.


See Viagra.

Sixty-Nine (69)

Oral sex performed by two people on each other simultaneously. The name “69″ is given by the shape of the two numerals, illustrating how each person has their head positioned next to the other’s crotch.


A derogatory term for a woman or girls who has had many sexual partners or an accusation of sexual provocativeness from a female.


Usually refers to anal sex; but sometimes also infers oral-anal contact or oral-sex sexual. The word comes from the biblical city of Sodom where the people were said to be highly immoral. Also called Buggery.


Sexual pictures, movies, or other media intended to arouse and depict sexual behaviour without showing explicit details such as penetration or close-ups of the male or female genitals (as is the case in Hardcore). This is usually referred to as Erotica.

Spanish Fly

A supposed aphrodisiac potion, made from the blister beetle. It is dried and ground into powder which is ingested and causes an allergic reaction in the urinary tract. Because the swelling and redness is confused with sexual arousal, people believed it would put them – or more often their partner, sexually in the mood for sex. Read more on Spanish Fly


The male reproductive seed made in a man’s testicles. They are so small that they can only be seen under a microscope, where they appear to have a tail which allows each sperm to swim towards the cervix where it is able to impregnate a woman, if contraception is not used. They are ejaculated in a man’s semen, each ejaculation containing tens of millions of sperm.


A chemical substance that kills sperm, in order to prevent pregnancy. Spermicides come in the form of foam, cream or jelly and are inserted into the vagina before vaginal sex begins. Sometimes it is spread on a diaphragm or condom to offer an additional layer of protection. It is available at pharmacies without a prescription. Spermicide is not effective in preventing the spread of STIs and it should not be used as a lubricant. Some people have allergic reactions to the chemicals in spermicides.


A method of birth control that kills sperm. A round sponge, saturated in spermicide is place it the vagina, close to the Cervix, before vaginal sex. While this method is relatively safe against pregnancy, it does not protect against STIs. More on the Sponge.


A position for two people, usually for lying together intimately, in which both bodies face the same direction and press up against each other. When a male lies behind his female or male partner, his crotch is pressed against the partner’s seat, which can be arousing for both partners.


A method of contraception that is permanent. It involves a surgical procedure on either a male or a female, which blocks or cuts one of the cords through which sperm passes or through which the sperm travels to meet the egg. It is most popular among couples who have had all the children that they plan to have or people who know that they won’t want children.


A person who has a sexual preference for members of the opposite sex. Another word for Heterosexual.

Strap-on, Strap-on Dildo

A dildo that is worn by someone, attached by a harness to the crotch, so that it can be thrust into a partner like a penis without using hands.


The person who chooses to be dominated in a BDSM relationship. Also called a Sub.


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