Sex Terms Beginning with R

RRape – Red Light District – Reproduction – Reproductive Organs – Rhythm Method – Rimming – Rubber




One kind of sexual abuse involving unconsensual penetration into a woman or man’s body. Rape can be committed by a husband, a friend, an associate, a date or a stranger, but rape statistics show that the vast majority of cases occur between a woman and a man who is in some way known to her. Rape is against the law, meaning that if reported to the police, an accused rapist will be prosecuted by the state and liable for long jail time. He (or she) can also later be prosecuted in a civil court and sentenced to provide monetary compensation to the victim. Victims of rape are often left feeling guilty, something that may prevent them from speaking up and seeking support or justice, but the law in most counties recognizes the difficulty of such and allows a few years to place complaints. Rape can result in distrust, self-esteem issues and sexual problems, but these are problems that can treated by various forms of psycho-therapy, or they may pass with time.

Red Light District

An area where there is a high concentration of sex workers and which tend to draw businesses related to the sex industry. In some places where prostitution is legal, such as in Amsterdam, the red light district may be openly displayed and there could be high levels of tolerance for workers, mostly women, whether they are working on the streets or in brothels. In countries where prostitution is against the law, a red light district may exist, would tend to be more underground, using euphemisms for Brothels.


The biological process following sex or fertility treatment that leads to conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Non-sexual fertility methods include sperm insemination and IVF.

Reproductive Organs

The organs which are part of a woman’s and man’s body that allow conception, pregnancy and childbirth. For a woman, the reproductive organs include the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. For a male, there is the testicles, the duct system, the accessory glands (including the prostate) and the penis.

Rhythm Method

A natural system that some people use to try prevent pregnancy. It involves avoiding sexual intercourse on days when the female is most fertile, which is before, during and soon after ovulation. See the Fertility Table Unless a woman has a completely regular Menstrual Cycle, it is difficult to tell exactly when ovulation should occur, and miscalculations or changes that naturally occur in a woman’s cycle can therefore make this system inadequate. Among the various methods of birth control, the rhythm method is considered the least safe and should only be used when there is a fall back plan and when partners are free of STIs.


Running the tongue around the anal entrance for sexual pleasure. This is a form of oral sex and can spread STIs if a barrier is not used. Also known as Anilingus.


A slang term for Condom, recalling the pre-latex days when condoms were first manufactured from vulcanized rubber (1844).

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